About me

Heyy :) My name is Melissa Kellie, I'm a half English half Kiwi (Born in New Zealand) and now living in Australia (Been living here since i was 7) ... so it's an interesting combination! Lol 

I'm 22 years old and orginally my mum wanted me to follow in her footsteps and become a runner... however when i was 5 years old she put me in a running race and i cried the whole way!! Lol so she knew that running was not for me... So she got me into singing and i never looked back.

Music is my life i love it so much and i'm just so greatful to be making a living doing what i love which is singing, songwriting and playing guitar :)

My biggest inspiration as an artist would have to be Eva Cassidy as well as Norah Jones. 

I mainly sing easylistening music, some jazz/blues, pop 

At the moment i am making a living performing at Weddings, Cocktail parties, corporate events, B'day parties, Busking and being paid entertainment at various markets :)

and i'm Saving up for a music video so i'm hoping to get that done soon :)